"My new photos by Rob are easily the best headshots I've had taken to date. Within a month of shooting I signed with a new commercial agent!" - N.L.

"He's nice and he's the best photographer in the country." S.E. (8 years old! - I love it)

"I love to shoot with Rob. He is so easy to work with and really knows what he’s doing. My manager and agent loved the shots we got and I loved feeling like I was in very good hands. I have shot with many photographers that charge over $600 and I can honestly say that these are the best pics I have had." - S.E.

"My theatrical rep said he's struggling to narrow down his favorites because he loves all of them!" - F.D.

"I love shooting with Rob. Rob Flate Photography makes people pop out of their photos. That's what I love about his photos most! You can't help but catch peoples eye. This is so important as in this digital age, casting directors can look at thousands of actor thumbnails in a day. You have got the have a photo that stands out from the rest. Rob Flate Photography does that, EVERY TIME. I've been an actor for 15 years so I've worked with my fair share of photographers, from the most expensive to the cheap of the cheap. And Rob puts all the "fancy" photographers to shame! He also just makes you look like the coolest version of whatever you're going for. I also have been known to age up in photos, which is not great! So with Rob, he was so understanding to make sure that everything we were doing was in line with the age bracket I was selling. And I LOVE MY SHOTS!!! My agents were thrilled! Thanks Rob for being the best and making it affordable for us actors!" - S.S.

"What I appreciate about Rob is that he’s there to serve my needs, he listens to my thoughts/concerns, and is good vibes!  He doesn’t judge me in any way and i never feel rushed. I always have a great collaborative shoot with him. He’s more than willing to show me how shots are looking which helps me adjust, and makes me leave the shoot knowing I’ll have a lot of winners. You know he’s good when you find yourself thinking a lot about what you’d like him to shoot the next time, and the next time. I recommend him constantly to anyone who asks!" - C.H.

"My agent loveeees these photos so thank you so much. The first shoot that I’ve had such a positive reaction from them in a long time." - S.M. 

"Rob, you're amazing! Thank you so much for the amazing photos of me and my kids! Honestly, some of my very favorite ones ever. It was such a chill, fun and easy environment and you picked great locations and the outcome was amazing. Not only did a get an awesome Christmas card photo out of it, but I have started using the headshots for both myself and my kids, and the agents were over the moon about them. Thanks so much! Will definitely call you again when it's time to get some updated ones." - K.D.

"Rob Flate was the perfect pick for my daughter's headshots. They turned out beautiful; it's nearly impossible to narrow down our favorites. Rob masters the use of natural light giving the pictures an artistic feel. His like-ability put her at ease, allowing them to have some fun and capture an array of emotions. Great experience. Highly recommend." - C.V.

"Mariah Carey (the biggest-selling female artist in the history of the World) music cooed softly in the background of our afternoon photo shoot. Some time in the future I was tickled on a bed in Vegas by Mariah, in front of a live audience!!! #blessed - Call it fate or call it Rob Flate Photography! It also doesn't hurt that my auditions have been rolling in!" - M.W. (true story, btw)