Get a good night's sleep and come well fed and well rested. We want you at your brightest and most energetic.

As far as clothes are concerned, bring options. Brights like reds, purples, blues look great. Patterns and layers are great - like a flannel with a denim jacket. Big logos are a no-no. It's not a problem if there's a little polo horse on your shirt, but we don't want your headshot to look like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad. These pictures are about you, your personality and the energy you bring. Everything we do as part of your shoot should accent that.

Unkempt clothes are distracting and we want that casting director focused on your eyes. Your clothes should be ironed/wrinkle free. 

Think about the looks you're going for. Detective and lawyer looks are very common with all the procedurals on TV. Maybe a mom or dad look, an athletic look. Maybe you want a bad-ass biker shot, or just a regular-guy-friend-at-the-bar shot. Bring clothes to help you create those types of characters. Often times an actor or their agent wants a very specific shot - like a CEO look, a doctor look or a waitress look. That's great and if you need a picture in scrubs and a lab coat, let's do it.

Most importantly though, when it comes to clothes, bring things you LIKE! Bring clothes you wear and that you feel you look good in. You should be proud and confident about using your headshot as the promotional tool it is. 

I have hair and makeup people to refer you to. I definitely recommend hiring one - girls are $215 for 3 looks, $235 for 4. Makeup/grooming for men is $150. They'll make your skin and hair look its best for the pictures and help you create the looks you want to portray. It's particularly important because a good makeup artist can even out skin tones so he actor's face is a consistent color. It's not mandatory. We can get great shots without a hair and makeup artist. But it is important because it makes you look, as I call it, "TV ready." So casting directors can see you in your headshot looking professional and polished - like you belong in their show. It also saves a lot of time and money in editing your photos.

Whether you decide on hair and makeup or not, it's very important to come the way you want to look. If you normally wear your hair curly and wild, you probably shouldn't straighten it right before the shoot! We want you to look good, and we want you to look like you. Your headshot should look like a great version of YOU. It should communicate who YOU are.  

My shoots are light and fun. We'll have a good time and get some great shots. So let's do this.